Local Lady Finger Blog Scratches at Gender Dynamics

The gloves have long been off for local scribe Naomi Zeveloff. As an editorial fellow here at Westword, she unleashed fury on the likes of Republican House District 56 hopeful Muhammad Ali Hasan in an


ColoradoPols.com called “quite possibly the single most damaging piece of press that we have ever seen for a politician.” Now she’s lending her journalistic ferocity to the local online mag

Colorado Independent


In her meager spare time, Naomi Zeveloff is now sinking her nails into the meaty underbelly of gender dynamics. You can read her and her colleagues’ take on Victoria’s Secret's new line of collegiate ("sickening") underwear and sexist Facebook ads (they "demean and degrade") on her new blog, the Lady Finger. Be warned: Zeveloff takes no prisoners. –- Joel Warner

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