Local man combines exercise and twittering into twittercizing, may incur wrath of millions

For some reason, folks around here seem to have an unhealthy obsession with twittering, the social networking phenomenon designed for people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. A low point was surely the Rocky Mountain News pulling the ultra-classy move of twittering a three-year-old's funeral in September. On the other hand, Denver resident Mike Wilson's real-time twittering of being among the passengers on the Continental Flight 1404 crash in December and then not getting free drinks because of it is surely a new hallmark of journalism.

And now Denver's the proud birthplace of "Twittercizing," free hourly twitters of one-minute exercise suggestions dreamed up by Denver freelance writer Ron Doyle. The idea seems promising. As Doyle notes on the Twittercize website, studies have shown short workouts like those he sends out via Twitter can have the same benefits as longer fitness programs. And people seem to be digging his Twittercizes, which have names like "Mini Skirt Squats" and "Kung Fu Donkeys." Just a week old, the site boasts nearly 300 followers, up from about 200 when 5280 magazine blogged about it yesterday.

We're a little worried for Mr. Doyle's safety, however. People already hate exercising. And now that exercising has been combined with one of the most annoying web trends ever, Lord only knows what sort of animalistic fury will be unleashed by the vengeful masses. Here's hoping that Doyle's last Twittercize fitness entry isn't "Fleeing Twitterer."

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