LoDo Shooter Sentenced to 106 Years Behind Bars

It's going to be a long, long time before Michael Rollie sees daylight again. Two months ago, Rollie was found guilty on three charges of attempted manslaughter, two charges of first-degree assault, one charge of second-degree assault, one charge of attempted first-degree murder and one for murder in the first degree, all stemming from his role in the wild shooting spree that took place on the streets of LoDo outside the now-defunct Market 41 on Thanksgiving Eve in 2005. Those last two charges pertained to Richard Velarde (pictured here and profiled in Adam Cayton-Holland's January 19, 2006 feature, It Happened One Night), who died as a result of the shooting. On Friday, Rollie received four separate prison sentences from Denver District Court Judge John Madden that will ultimately amount to 106 years behind bars.

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