Louis Hampers: 9News reporter Deborah Sherman settles her civil lawsuit with him

Louis Hampers, the former Children's Hospital ER doc charged with writing hundreds of phony prescriptions, now has one fewer lawsuit to worry about.

Deborah Sherman, a reporter for 9News, has settled her civil lawsuit against Hampers, her lawyer says. The terms are private.

Sherman was suing Hampers for defamation and emotional distress, among other things. She alleged that Hampers began threatening and harassing her by e-mail and voicemail after she broke a second date with him in January. She also accused Hampers of contacting 9News and telling lies about her, including that she makes frequent trips to a Denver swinger's club. Hampers denied all of it.

In April, Sherman won a permanent restraining order against Hampers; her civil suit soon followed.

And now it's over. "The case was resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties," says Sherman's lawyer, Tom Overton. He did not release the details of the settlement.

But Hampers has bigger worries. In September, he was arrested for writing 654 phony prescriptions. At a detail-filled court hearing, Hampers' lawyer explained that the 44-year-old doctor took all of the 20,000 pills he's accused of illegally obtaining himself, sometimes popping upwards of sixty Hydrocodone a day. In order to get the pills, prosecutors say he used several fake identities, including that of a woman he paid for sex.

"This is a case about addiction, plain and simple," said Hampers' lawyer, Craig Gillen.

Hampers' drug case is ongoing, and he's currently out on bail. He's no longer working at Children's Hospital; he voluntarily relinquished his medical license last year.

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