Lozilu Denver Mud Run Canceled, Women Who Wanted to Take Part Are Pissed

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If you were planning to take part in the Lozilu Denver mud run on August 29, well, you'll have to find another way of getting dirty.

The event, slated to take place at the Broomfield County Commons Park, has been canceled, along with all other Lozilu mud runs around the country — and some of the folks who planned to take part in the female-centric spectacle are mighty unhappy, judging by their comments on the Lozilu Facebook page.

At its website, the organization answers the question "What is Lozilu?" by highlighting an enjoyable messy form of entertainment and exercise with a charitable component: "A filthy 5k festival for all athletic abilities to love! Exhilarating obstacles, music, mud & amazing after-party with LIVE BANDS. It’s all to help kiddos with cancer have a future of fun."

The site lists more than twenty cities with scheduled mud runs — some in the past, many in the future. Communities include Los Angeles, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, New York City and Denver.

The Lozilu event page for Denver remains online at this writing, featuring images like this one....

...and this one....

...as well as a map of the Broomfield course....

...and a video capturing some of the action at past runs:

But in recent days, the Lozilu Facebook page has featured news of event cancellations — first the New England mud run, then one in Philadelphia.

Then, yesterday evening brought the following announcement:

LoziLu has cancelled all 2015 runs due to a significant increase in insurance costs and over 50% decrease in runner participation. Consequently it has been deemed necessary to prematurely end the season.

All runners will automatically receive a full refund.

Team LoziLu extends a sincere apology to each and every runner for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Thank you for your past support.

Many of the responses on the page suggest that past support may not translate into the future — especially women who were going to take part in the Philly run, which was canceled the day before its slated August 1 kickoff. Some examples:

Are you kidding me. We drove 4 hours last night paid for 2 nights hotel with no e-mail notification... we found out when we showed up this morning and other participants were there and checked on Facebook. REALLY and not even so much as a sign placed.

So disappointed! Just drove 45 minutes to the Collegeville race only to see no cars here. My two boys are very upset as this was supposed to be there first race after my wife ran at 915. No e-mail to alert participants??? No signs even here to tell people. After looking here this obviously is not the first time. Beware if signing up for future races...

Sorry I'm not a mind reader. I drove home 3 hours from Penn State to see my mom and her best friend race and they had no idea about the cancellation until arriving this morning considering they don't have a Facebook. Be considerate and think ahead not everyone in this world is up to date with all forms of technology as you perceive them to. It's extremely ignorant to believe everyone would be constantly checking this page or that every participant has a Facebook.

And then there's this:

You folks should be ASHAMED for the way you conduct business. And deleting posts from your page of people who are calling you out is the perfect way to show everyone just how unprofessional your organization is. Shame on you! 

I am taking a screenshot of this post because I know it will probably not survive much time on your Facebook page.

At least people who were going to take part in the Colorado run have a little more time to adjust — and make sure they receive refunds.

But 9News reveals some even more damning information. The station quotes a Broomfield spokesperson as saying Lozilu's application for a permit was actually denied, yet the organization continued to register people for the event.

The situation is getting muddier and muddier — and not in a good way.

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