Lucas Piper busted for alleged arson at home of people he met at String Cheese Incident concert

Update: Last week, we told you about the search warrant out for Lucas Piper, 22, who allegedly attempted to burn down a Lakewood home filled with people he'd met at the previous evening's String Cheese Incident concert at Red Rocks; see our previous coverage below. Authorities thought Piper might have shaved off his beard and cut his hair in order to evade capture -- and they were half-right. After being taken into custody, he posed for a mug shot showing his locks still in place but his face covered only by stubble. Get more details below.

As we reported, Piper and a companion, Rachel Lewin, are said to have attended the July 26 SCI show on the Rocks. There, they met a number of people through a mutual acquaintance and were invited to a post-show party at a duplex on the 12300 block of West Viewpoint Drive in Lakewood.

Some time during the early morning hours of July 27, according to the aforementioned arrest warrant, Piper got into an argument over drugs. He's said to have declared that he would burn down the residence. Then, shortly after he and Lewin split, flames started on the porch.

The fire did considerable damage to the property and resulted in one minor injury.

Lewin was caught almost immediately, but Piper managed to scamper away. But after police shared around his photo, and noted that he was wanted for first-degree arson and nine counts of attempted murder (the number corresponding to the combined total of people in the duplex), he didn't remain free for long.

A news release from the Lakewood Police Department reveals that a tip from someone who apparently recognized him for the pic led to his arrest late Friday.

Here's a larger look at his booking photo, followed by our previous coverage.

Continue for our previous coverage of Lucas Piper and the post-String Cheese Incident concert arson in Lakewood.
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