Lucky thongs for the Colorado Rockies

I confess: I really wasn't sure why the Colorado Rockies went to the trouble of picking Jason Giambi off the discard pile last month. But now I know -- the lucky thong.

The lucky gold thong, that is, which Giambi lets teammates wear to help them break out of a slump -- and he insists that it's worked 100 percent of the time. And while we don't know if any member of the Rockies wrapped his package in this shiny undergarment last night, its mere proximity was undoubtedly a key factor in the Rocks' losing-streak-busting 8-3 victory over the New York Mets.

Which got us to thinking: If wearing a novelty thong helps one player, imagine how unstoppable the Rockies would be if everyone had a special place to store his man-bat. Look below for some options, available at websites such as FunnyUndies.com, FunkyBoutique.com and TeddyGirl.com. They're slammin'!

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