Lucky us: Serial-abusing, hip-injured prima donna Brandon Marshall will grace us with his presence

The NFL Network invited estranged Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall into the studio on Thursday, and proceeded to wet themselves laughing at his jokes and soaking up the spin he was spitting. Marshall -- who declared that he "play(s) for the love of the game" -- said he'll be at training camp when it starts later this month. Why?

"I'm not gonna let them take more money."

Other than that, he pretty much dodged every question regarding his future, but made it pretty clear he wants nothing to do with the Broncos. Which, frankly, is fine by me. The dude's a beast, obviously -- just ask his girlfriends! -- but he's a beast with about as many cop run-ins as touchdowns. He feels a bit too much like a budding Terrell Owens, if Terrell Owens had a penchant for stabbing women in the leg (allegedly).

Will the Broncos get much if they trade him? Probably just some inferior talent and karma to be named later. But it they could ship him somewhere nice and lousy, it just might be worth it.

Read the Post's full breakdown of the interview here.

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Joe Tone
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