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Luke Buchanan, alleged Obama campaign schmuck, busted after reported breast groping

This is not the kind of news the Obama campaign wants to be making in a swing state as important as Colorado with election day looming....

Luke Buchanan, an Obama campaign worker, has been arrested for allegedly putting his hands on the breast of a woman in Loveland.

What happened? Breana Haner, 21, told 9News that Buchanan, a 24 year old from Washington D.C. showed up at her door on Tuesday afternoon, shortly after she'd voted. They chatted briefly, and then he asked if she wanted an Obama sticker. She said she did -- but according to her, she got a lot more than that.

"He put the sticker right over my breast to push it on -- you know how you put stickers on so they stay," she says in the clip below. "And he grabbed my right breast. It happened so fast."

The response from the Colorado Democratic Party to Buchanan being arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor unlawful sexual contact was just as swift. Communication director Matt Inzeo issued the following statement:

We have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior. As soon as we learned about this incident, we took immediate action, and the person in question has been terminated. The actions of one individual in no way reflect the hard work being done every day by the thousands of employees and volunteers of the Colorado Democratic Party who have spent countless hours talking to their friends and neighbors about the importance of this election.
Haner says she doesn't blame Obama or the Democratic Party in general for Buchanan's alleged gropery. But with only days to go before the race is over, Dems don't want people to slam doors in volunteers' faces for fear of politics getting way too hands-on.

Here's the 9News report.

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