Lynn Young, Accused of Abusing Baby, Imprisoned After Death of Earlier Child

The assertions made against Lynn Young in an arrest affidavit shared here are disturbing enough.

They detail injuries suffered by Aaron Young, her seven-week-old baby, including a skull fracture and a broken femur, that prosecutors believe constitute child abuse.

But the allegations against Young are even more troubling in light of her criminal past.

She previously served nine years in prison in South Carolina following the death of an earlier child.

The baby passed at around the same age as Aaron was at the time of his injuries.

On February 20, according to the affidavit, Lynn brought Aaron into the Evans Army Hospital in El Paso County.

An initial examination revealed what's described as "a severe spiral fracture of the right femur."

But that was only the beginning.

Subsequent examination suggested that the broken femur had actually occurred seven-to-ten days before Lynn took Aaron to the hospital for treatment.

In addition, doctors found evidence of "a previously fractured skull, a contusion to his head, scrapes on his nostril and a previously healed violent cut in his mouth."

A physician at the hospital felt that the injuries suggested an "ongoing pattern of abuse."

In her initial interview with investigators, Lynn allegedly said that when she'd tried to lift Aaron out of his car seat/child carrier, his leg had gotten tangled in a strap and she'd tried to pull him free, resulting in the injury to the femur.

During a followup chat, the affidavit maintains that she "changed her story to match the new timeline." At that time, she's said to have claimed the carrier had fallen off an ottoman. And she's subsequently quoted as claiming that perhaps one of her dogs had knocked the carrier over.

She also argued that "any 'Tom, Dick or Harry'" could have caused Aaron's injuries, even though she was his primary caregiver and, in the words of the document, "there is no 'Tom, Dick or Harry' with any access to the child to cause this pattern of abuse" — not even her husband, who apparently only watched over the baby when Lynn was around.

Meanwhile, local investigators learned of Lynn's troubles prior to her arrival in Colorado, as noted in this passage from the affidavit: "A police report from Goose Creek Police Department in South Carolina documents the infanticide that occurred in South Carolina, with the defendant identified as the killer."

Lynn admitted killing the earlier baby after losing her temper, the affidavit says. She reportedly served nine years in prison for the crime.

The affidavit also features a graphic highlighting similarities between the South Carolina case and the one that took place in Colorado:

Given Lynn's prior conviction, it's no surprise that prosecutors attempted to charge her with attempted murder in the Colorado incident.

However, KOAA-TV notes that the judge didn't go along with that, opting for two counts of child abuse instead.

The next court appearance for Lynn is scheduled for September. If she's convicted, she could face a sentence of up to 32 years behind bars.

Look below to see a larger version of her booking photo, followed by the KOAA-TV report and the arrest affidavit. | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo

Lynn Young Affidavit

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