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Lynne Freeman, school volunteer, sentenced for sexually assaulting daughter's teen pal in a closet

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What the hell's going on in Weld County? The same week teacher Rhonda Eisenberg pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting an underage student, and bearing his child, Greeley mom Lynne Freeman has been sentenced for the sexual assault of not one but two teens.

Scene of the first incident that came to the cops' attention? A closet.

Freeman was a parent volunteer at University Schools, a charter institution in Greeley, and has two daughters: an elementary schooler and a girl in her early teens. She lives in a lovely home in a leafy suburb -- not the kind of place that looks like a potential crime scene.

But they seldom do.

In April, two boys were reportedly watching a movie at the residence when Freeman told one of them to take the family dog outside. That left a teen behind; he was originally said to be fourteen, but a new release from the Weld County District Attorney's Office says he was actually thirteen.

According to an arrest affidavit, Freeman then said, "Come with me" and led him to a closet upstairs. Inside, she locked the door, gave him a kiss, lowered his pants and gave him oral sex.

Afterward, Freeman is said to have threatened the boy if he told anyone, suggesting that doing so would mess things up with his baseball team -- not to mention put her in the position of having Social Services seize her kids. If he was at all confused about what had happened, the affidavit maintains, she suggested that he give her a call.

The teen kept quiet for a while, but he eventually went to the cops, who had him call Freeman and chat while they recorded the conversation. When he told her that their actions in the closet hadn't been "the right thing," she concurred -- but she seemed more concerned about whether or not he'd squealed on her.

"Because, you know, I 100 percent trusted you, and if you ever...I mean...I just felt like you understood what would happen, and the trust that we apparently had in each other," the document quotes her as saying.

Continue for more about the sentencing of Lynne Freeman, including a video. Shortly thereafter, in late June, the cops busted Freeman -- and then, after she was released on bond, they arrested her again. The reason? Another boy (he was ancient compared to the first victim -- sixteen) contacted the authorities to say Freeman had sexually assaulted him, too.


In December, Freeman pleaded guilty to one count of attempted sexual assault on a child. Yesterday, she received her sentence: a year in jail through a work-release program and six years of intensive supervised probation for sex offenders.

She's also been ordered to register as a sex offender -- and presumably her days as a school volunteer are over as well.

Look below to see a larger version of Freeman's booking photo, followed by a 9News piece broadcast after her initial arrest.

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