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Major behind-the-scenes shuffling at the Denver Post

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The just-published blog "Former Enemies Penny Parker and Bill Husted Finding Ways to Co-Exist at the Denver Post" describes the intriguing repercussions of changes at the broadsheet since the closure of the Rocky Mountain News -- and plenty more are on the way. Earlier today, Post editor Greg Moore sent out a memo describing job and assignment shifts within the paper as a whole. Some noteworthy alterations: Karen Crummy, who's covered state and national politics, has been assigned to report about Jefferson County (Rocky State Capitol reporter Lynn Bartels was added to the staff last week); a revamped online Travel section and a new fine-arts website are on the way; and Dusty Saunders, who competed against the Post for fifty years, most of them as a TV columnist, will be freelancing a sports/TV column to his old nemesis.

Read the memo after the jump.

From: Moore, Greg

Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 11:10 AM

To: D-Post-All

Subject: Message from Greg Moore


I just wanted to send a brief memo outlining some realignment of responsibilities.

JC [Jeanette Chavez]: In addition to her budget and administrative responsibilities, she will be responsible for the Monday paper front to back. The features and arts departments will also report to her (including the features copy desk). She will be in charge whenever I am away. In the event we are both away, Kevin Dale will take over.

Kevin: In addition to being in charge of the Sunday paper, he will oversee our projects team, the economics team (with Steve and Lee Ann) and denverpost.com. Becky Risch will be his #2 online.

Damon [J. Damon Cain]: In addition to overseeing design, photo, and graphics, he will oversee the news copy desk. It is critical we integrate the copy desk into the presentation team since headlines, cutlines and display type are so important to the overall look of the paper.

Vikki Migoya: She will become the editor of our website and will be the person who directly interfaces with department heads to ensure there is a steady flow of breaking news and updates flowing to our website. It is everyone's job to contribute to denverpost.com. We did it so well during the DNC. We will do it again and everyday. Look for her to be an ubiquitous presence around your desks. We are also reorganizing what was the breaking news team. Kieran and Howard Pankratz will work directly and near exclusively for denverpost.com. Mike McPhee, Kirk Mitchell and Tom McGhee will return to metro as GAs.

Dana Coffield: She will join Chuck [Murphy] as co-team leader of metro or the public affairs team. Jim Bates will play an increasing role on the desk, editing stories and directing late afternoon/early evening coverage. He will be the ranking editor in the newsroom at night, empowered to change page one or metro, monitor headlines for accuracy and punch and generally in charge of quality control. If a story needs to be changed, he will do it and don't be surprised if you get a call from him late one evening. In addition, Barry Osborne will join the metro desk to add voice to our report through researched rails, boxes and alternative story telling.

Suzanne Brown: Currently our Fitness and Fashion editor, she will step in to coordinate our lifestyle reports. That includes Monday Fitness (with Kristin Browning-Blas taking over that section), Tuesday and Thursday Lifestyles (with Monnie Nilsson), Wednesday Food (with Tucker Shaw) and the new Saturday Inside & Out section (with Elana Jefferson, with some assistance from Travel editor Kyle Wagner). Just about everyone in features is now a hybrid writer and editor and that will include Bill Porter who will take on editing projects and bring his special writing skills to section fronts as well as larger, focused features for the newspaper. Monnie is also bringing to life a revamped online Travel section (with Kyle) and a new Fine Arts website (with Ray Rinaldi) in the next month or two. Thanks to everyone back there for your flexibility and attitude.

Karen Crummy will take on a special assignment for us, plumbing Jefferson County -- a key county for our readership -- for the best stories on how government operates there.

Ann Schrader has moved to Business to cover one of our most important beats, the airlines industry.

Dusty Saunders, who worked for the Rocky for half a century and is a brand coveringt elevision, will freelance a Sports/TV column on Mondays in Sports.

The rest of the department heads report to me.



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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.