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Man who allegedly killed three in Weld County was released from jail hours before

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Update, 10:30 a.m.: The man who allegedly killed three others in a Longmont home yesterday and then shot himself had been released from jail a few hours before the shooting, according to the Weld County Sheriff's Office. Daniel Sanchez, 31, reportedly showed up to the home where his ex-girlfriend was staying and killed her, her sister and her sister's husband before committing suicide.

Sergeant Tim Schwartz of the Weld County Sheriff's Office told Westword that Sanchez broke into the home of Maria Cintora-Silva, 22, and her husband Max Aguirre Ojeda, 32, where his ex-girlfriend Beatriz Cintora-Silva, 25, was staying with her sister.

"She was living in the residence here after breaking up with Daniel Sanchez [around]...Thanksgiving," Schwartz says of Beatriz Cintora-Silva.

Schwartz says Sanchez was in custody in Boulder County as of 10 p.m on Monday night and was released on bond. The Longmont Times-Call reports that he was arrested on "suspicion of false imprisonment, second-degree kidnapping, harassment and domestic violence after he threatened and attacked his ex-girlfriend on Saturday after learning she was seeing someone else, according to a Longmont police arrest report."

A friend checked on Beatriz Cintora-Silva at around 1:30 a.m. yesterday, just hours before the shooting, Schwartz says.

"She said she was fine at that time," he says. "It was around 4:13 a.m when we received the 911 call."

Based on the sheriff's office's preliminary investigation, Sanchez broke into the house by shooting through a sliding glass door in the rear of the house where he made entry toward a bedroom. He then allegedly shot husband and wife Max Aguirre Ojeda and Maria Cintora-Silva, while his ex-girlfriend rushed to call 911.

On the call, the dispatcher heard Beatriz shouting, followed by gunshots. Sanchez then apparently picked up the phone and said he was going to kill himself. The dispatcher then heard more gunshots.

A total of around 15 rounds were fired and the gun, a Glock .45, was still loaded when police recovered it.

"This is definitely not common for us," says Schwartz, noting that he can recall some murder-suicides, but none that involved four deaths. "That's definitely out of the ordinary for us. I think all of Northern Colorado could probably say so."

Continue for our original coverage of the frantic 911 call. Original post, 12 p.m. December 18: At around 4 a.m. this morning, a female in Weld County called 911 -- and the dispatcher on the other end heard, "No, no, no!" followed by the sound of gun shots. A male then got on the phone and said he was going to kill himself and again, the dispatcher heard the sound of gunshots. When police showed up at the Longmont home, officials say, they found four people dead -- and a single handgun on scene.

Sergeant Tim Schwartz of the Weld County Sheriff's Office tells us that officers immediately responded to the 911 call from 11464 Hot Springs in the Longview subdivision (which is near Union Reservoir).

"We deployed our SWAT team...and found four people deceased inside, two males, two females," Schwartz says.

The investigation is ongoing and the identities of the four have not been released. Authorities have confirmed that three of them are adults; it is uncertain at this time whether the fourth is an adult as well, he adds.

"A handgun was found on the scene," Schwartz says, noting that multiple rounds were fired from that gun; it is not known if there were other weapons at the scene.

It would appear that a male killed himself, but Schwartz says he cannot confirm those details at this time.

The Weld County Sheriff's Office is expected to offer an update on the investigation at a press conference this afternoon.

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