Marcus Giavanni's Amazing Q&A Rejection in Run for Denver Mayor

Marcus Giavanni makes his case for why he should be Denver's next mayor.
Marcus Giavanni makes his case for why he should be Denver's next mayor. YouTube
This May, Denver will choose a mayor to lead the city for the next four years. But where do candidates stand on the issues? And how do they plan to earn your vote?

As part of our mayor's race coverage, we asked each of them. Below, see the amazing way one of the hopefuls, social-media optimization consultant Marcus Giavanni, turned us down.

Although election day, May 7, is still months away, an important deadline is looming. Candidates have until March 13 to submit a verified petition comprised of at least 300 signatures from registered voters to qualify for the ballot.

At this writing, ten people have filed paperwork with the Denver Elections Division to run for mayor: Lisa Calderón, Stephan Evans (also known as Chairman Seku), Giavanni, Jamie Giellis, current mayor Michael Hancock, Kalyn Heffernan, Danny Lopez, Leatha Scott, Ken Simpson and Penfield Tate. We invited all of them to share their take on important matters facing Denver. The questions were the same for every candidate, and we set no word limit on answers.

Giavanni declined to participate by way of a memorable reply shared in this space. Prepare to be astonished.

Hey Brother!

I'm going to pass on submitting my Q&A. I just know things. The obvious: Westword is on a different track, and I respect that.

I will say this. You all should learn about Social Credit System Scores and Rankings 2020. Google search it.

Based on information and beliefs, we know we would be stuck in back of the Q. With manipulated SEO. Since I know the Google Terms and Policies way better than Most.

I will decline my QA submission direct to you. I will post them on line. However, they are in my Clouds.

I think some of you have no clue. What the fck is really going in in the circles around you.

I don't need to be collateral damage. At my expense.

Credibility Relevance Wisdom. What do YOU really know about you, and where you all rank.

I now head the largest, Social Data Extraction Authority Google Data Cloud Storage in the United States.

We will manage social data for Governments and Corporations seeking our services.

I also head socialcreditrepair.com. We will protect, repair and give loans to those looking into protecting Social Credit Scores and Rankings.

For years, I have Indexed Denver. And with Denver's now [at a] fourteen-year record high [for] murders and ten-year high [for] Violent crimes, murders, Suicides, Spill Over Crime. Now these same violent crimes [and] murders [are] going on in Aurora and elsewhere.

I don't know how you called life. Your questions are not relevant to saving lives.

This is blood on your hands and future as a member of the professional Journalism industry or category.

This holds true for many writers who have been biased and fake for last two Elections. And it appears the same identifiers, that trigger Artificial Intelligence to seek out content that matches criteria of Monopoly.

You don't want to hear, how many Organizations, and individuals are being investigated by many???

They say it takes three and many Organizations have no idea. They all had better read the "Rico Act."

What kind of leadership would I demonstrate if I did not warn my fellow citizens of possible imminent danger.

I don't need to be Mayor to do my job. My job is already done. Years ago. This election makes three and EVERYONE is not only watching all you. But there are some who have authority beyond belief.

Believe it or not!


I love the Westword, but Westword does not Love me. And that's ok. My parents never promised me life would be kind.

Of all the things you all do. The #1 Ranking for Westword is "Artopia." This is the only time you see true love from the voice and aura of Patrica Calhoun. Of all the paid events I have Indexed.

This is the only event I let PC know I am there. She glows, with true Glee.

Also, I just got out of the studio. Lead vocals, with special back-up rapper "Get That Loot."

The song is "Deviate the Hate."

Please do not post or share this musical file. We are working on a publishing deal. And it should be finalized in a few weeks. You can play it, to whomever, and share this attached music composition with ONLY your editor, PC. But this same file cannot be shared or downloaded to other smart devices but yours and Patricia Calhoun's.

There are some big plans to play a 420 festival in California. We would rather do it in Denver. But they are preoccupied with frivolous duties, and acts of Enabling.

Anyway, it's going to be tough for journalists in the future. Some have dug themselves into the Black Hat Abyss.

I have always respected you as a professional journalist. And enjoy your stories for the most part.

I don't want to have to deviate from these thoughts of you.

I want to believe there are journalists doing the right thing.

I can tell you this. Alternative papers are not what they used to be

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