Maria Plazola charged with going to high school fight and urging daughter to beat some ass

Every daughter wants to know her mother's got her back -- and there can't be any doubt in Vanessa Casillas's mind about that. After all, her mom, Maria Plazola, is facing charges that she attended a high-school fight Vanessa was in... and instead of trying to stop it, she encouraged her little girl to "Beat her up! Beat her up!"

Vanessa's got no complaints about this excellent display of parenting. In an interview with Fox31, she defends mama Maria's actions.

See, Vanessa had been bullied by Alleged Mean Girl Unknown at Montbello High School for two years, she claims, and the only way to make the abuse stop was to meet her supposed harasser in the field of teenage combat. So she agreed to a face-off -- but when the knuckle baring and hair pulling came, the accused bully in question sent another pal (a real bruiser, judging by the clip below) to mete out vengeance in her place.

At that point, Vanessa could have split, but she fought the stand-in anyhow. Later, she took on her actual nemesis in a second bout -- and it was then that Plazola is said to have been on hand, shouting encouragement from the sidelines, along with about twenty students with a taste for good, wholesome family fun.

Says who? The Denver Police Department, whose reps discovered clips of the two pounding sessions while trolling YouTube -- you kids should know cops do that nowadays. Those off-camera "beat her up!" shouts will presumably be used against Plazola in court next week.

Just like in the case of the fight, Plazola doesn't appear on camera for the Fox31 segment. But beyond the lens, she says she showed up for Scrap 2.0 after being summoned by one of Vanessa's friends, and adds that the bullying of her daughter continues.

Maybe mom's mug shot will scare them off -- but probably not.

Here's the Fox31 segment.


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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.