Marijuana activists attack state rep Mark Waller by smearing ranch dressing on his car? Yummy!

On the heels of reports about a burglar

using a bong as a weapon

in a Fort Morgan home invasion comes a claim by state representative Mark Waller that a recent assault on his car -- with salad dressing -- may have been in reprisal for his stand against medical marijuana dispensaries.

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"I spoke at an event about medical marijuana," Waller posted on Facebook. "My reward: ranch dressing smeared all over my car. Gotta love it!"

According to an account in the Colorado Springs Gazette, Waller stayed late at an event at the Valley Hi Golf Course last week, fielding questions from dispensary proponents. When he returned to his car, he found it slicked up and ready for a ground pepper garnish.

Members of the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council have denied having anything to do with the prank. "That's the last thing we need to do," one told the newspaper. "Not only that, but I'm not sixteen any more."

Ranch dressing does seem an unlikely lubricant of choice for MMJ backers. Unless it's organic.

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