Marijuana bud's name slip your mind? There's an app for that -- called Strain Brain

Smart phones can already do all sorts of clever things, like tell you where the nearest medical marijuana center is located. But can they help you tell a sample of Green Crack from G-13 Haze?

If Strain Brain makes good on its word, they will soon be able to -- courtesy of the company's strain-recognition technology.

Strain Brain's website is already up and running. All you have to do is upload an image of an indeterminate strain, and, according to the company's website, "top secret space-age strain recognition technology will quickly identify the exact strain of marijuana you're smoking," as well as locate nearby medical marijuana centers offering the particular meds. The tech involved is presumably similar to facial-recognition technology, although we prefer to imagine a sweatshop filled with stoners chained to computer monitors somewhere in Silicon Valley who have to identify A-Train and Purple Haze for hours on end, day and night.

It's the sort of tech that could prove useful in cutting through the confusion and false promises of the current MMJ market -- that is, if it works. Plus, Strain Brain hasn't yet rolled out the smart phone apps it promises will offer the same function.

That's coming later this year, according to the company. However, we're not expecting these weed whizzes to get by the Apple Store censors without a hell of a fight.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.