Marijuana: Greeley and Montrose ban pot businesses

Surprise, surprise: Two more non-dispensary-friendly cities across the state have enacted even additional ordinances to ban pot shops. The city councils of both Greeley and Montrose gave affirmative votes Tuesday evening on rules that would deny any future shops from entering their borders.

Greeley's ban actually involves not one but two different ordinances, along with a third taht aligns its criminal code with statutes the state set out in its legislation related to Amendment 64.

The latter decriminalizes the use and possession of cannabis in small amounts for adults over 21 and removes pot accessories from the list of illegal paraphernalia. The former deal with the sale and use of marijuana in the city. One bans cultivation, retail, manufacturing and testing facilities and the other prohibits private clubs. So any hope that the smell of skunk might take over and trample Greeley's overpowering bovine aroma is no more.

According to the Greeley Tribune, Greeley City Council members approved the ban because they believe the health and safety of their citizens, especially children, outweighs the monetary benefit of the industry.

The Montrose City Council enacted its ban for slightly different reasons, and the single ordinance set forth by the city only prohibits the retail sale of marijuana.

"Number one, voters in the city and county of Montrose voted sizably no on Amendment 64," Mayor Judy Anne Files says. "Second, we are sworn to the federal constitution, and the federal constitution says marijuana is still illegal."

Montrose County voters opposed Amendment 64 by a 57-43 percent margin, while Weld County supported Amendment 64 by a narrow margin, 50.2 to 49.7 percent.

Other cities in the state are placing similar bans or moratoriums on marijuana businesses until it is more clearhow the industry is going to operate.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.