Marijuana lawyers file motion against Board of Health pot hearing

During the

emergency Colorado Board of Health hearing Tuesday

that struck from state rules what, exactly, it means to be a marijuana caregiver and sent the state's medical marijuana community into turmoil, prominent pot lawyer Rob Corry told board chairman Glenn Schlabs that "I'll see you in court" when Schlabs wouldn't let him or other members or the public speak. Turns out Corry wasn't joking.

According to a press release sent out by the Boulder-based Cannabis Therapy Institute, Corry, along with his colleagues Lauren Davis, Brian Vicente and Sean McAllister (the later two fresh from their recent victory at the polls in Breckenridge) filed a petition in Denver District Court this afternoon to throw out the Board of Health's recent decision. Noting that the meeting was not sufficiently open to the public and that the board misinterpreted a recent Court of Appeals decision that triggered the emergency board meeting, the thirteen-page motion demands that the state health department "cease and desist from enforcement of the regulatory change."

According to the press release, the plaintiffs expect a court hearing on the matter in one to two days. In other words, let the pot wars begin.

Click here to read the full injunction.

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