Jessica Peck Corry, marijuana mom.
Jessica Peck Corry, marijuana mom.

Marijuana movement for women urges: Spill the beans to your mom about pot on Mother's Day

For the most part, the marijuana movement has long been seen as a predominantly male group -- but that's about to change. Just in time for Mothers Day, a variety of local pot activists (most of them female) are launching the Women's Marijuana Movement with the belief that the fairer sex will be integral to ending marijuana prohibition.

"This day is about moms reclaiming personal responsibility for our children," Corry writes via e-mail. "When it comes to the future of my daughters, I will do everything possible to protect them from the harms of marijuana prohibition, which only encourages young people to drink, while also directly threatening their financial security."

She adds, "Our nation's multi-billion dollar failed war against marijuana continues to rob them of important public resources, also imposing criminal sanctions for any association with marijuana, a substance proven far less devastating -- in every way -- than alcohol. I will no longer stand for the proposition that bureaucrats with guns should parent my children."

Corry will be joined by female dispensary owners, local professional women who prefer pot over alcohol and others at a press conference to launch the movement; it's scheduled for noon today at the state capitol's third-floor conference room. Afterward, they will be distributing free copies of the Mason Tvert book Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink? to female legislators.

Think of it as an early Mother's Day gift -- although presumably Tvert's mom, who's also scheduled to attend, already has a copy.

Also for Mother's Day, the movement is urging folks to send an e-card through its website letting their moms know they believe marijuana should be legal -- and encouraging Mommy Dearest to think likewise.

"I am a full believer that women are the smarter species, if you will," says Tvert, whose drug reform organization, SAFER, is helping to launch the Women's Marijuana Movement. "And when they confront the issue I think there will a groundswell of support."

Who knows: The sweetly worded e-card might just change a few mommy's minds. But it might go over better if its given with a nice bouquet of flowers.


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