Marijuana Strain Review: OG 18 at Denver Relief

Since opening its doors at 1 Broadway in 2009, Denver Relief has made quite an effort to get involved with the community. I’m not talking about persistent self-promotion or hyping roles in cable “documentaries” about Colorado’s pot industry, but by pushing true community projects, like helping local kids through college and cleaning up garbage after the 4/20 rally. Despite Denver Relief’s do-good reputation and proximity to the Westword office, though, I’d never tried any of its flower before now. In need of some bliss after a weekend trip and the rough Monday that followed, I stopped by one of Denver’s oldest pot shops looking for an indica to help me catch up on sleep.

The selection inside made things difficult — but in a way that persnickety potheads like. The seductive smells of the fruity Hashberry and fuming Chemdawg charmed the shit out of my nose, but I was looking for something a little heavier. My budtender recommended some OG 18 (a potent indica off the OG Kush web), and given Denver Relief’s OG status as a Broadway dispensary, I decided to go with some classic genetics.

I'd previously seen an OG 18 phenotype of the OG Kush strain, but Denver Relief’s was a hybrid of OG Kush and Chemdawg. My top-tier gram ($16 after tax, but bring a childproof bag or it’ll cost more) was made up of two adorable forest-green buds oozing with resin. Breaking off a chunky calyx pushed out the skunky earthiness I’ve come to expect from the OG family, and some spicy diesel notes lingered behind. Vaping a Volcano bowl at 350 degrees provided three potent bags, and I probably didn’t need the last one.

The earthy taste really came through during the vape sesh, with a tart, rubbery aftertaste rounding it out. Its THC content might’ve been a little too high for 350 degrees: The hits killed my lungs and had me coughing hard. But I immediately felt a groovy sensation take hold of my body, as if it were moving to a Marvin Gaye song only I could hear. I zoned out on the Rockies game before falling asleep in my armchair like my old man after a long day. Denver Relief lived up to its name with this OG 18: The drool on my recliner proves it.

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