Mark Sanchez's hot dog caper has nothing on Snicker Kicker Mitch Berger

Sports talk shows and blogs blew up over the weekend after cameras spied New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez eating a hot dog on the sidelines during a TV time out. Some critics have said Sanchez, who apologized after the game for some reason, was showing up the pathetic Oakland Raiders, who the Jets destroyed 38-0, by violating some sort of unwritten rule about eating during a game.

That seems a little overblown. And anyway, Weinergate has nothing on the Snicker Kicker, otherwise known as new Broncos punter Mitch Berger.

Early in his career, when the former University of Colorado player was a member of the Minnesota Vikings, he would keep a Snickers bar in his shoe and take a bite of it after every punt. Gross? Yes. Funny? Definitely.

The 37-year-old player gave an interview two years ago claiming that he'd given up the Snickers tradition. But now that Berger, who has been known to consume alcoholic products as well, is playing at high altitude, we'll have to see if he goes for that sugar rush again.

Then again, if it helps the Broncos, he can keep hot dogs in his shoe as well.

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