Mark Udall rides the Twitter bandwagon

"Jeez, my thumbs are getting really sore..."

Reporters at the Rocky Mountain News aren't the only folks learning how to Twitter these days. Democratic senatorial hopeful Mark Udall is also using the micro-blogging service, and he's doing so in a notably cheesy way. His Twitter account is labeled "Quick! Lock your doors and hide! It's me, Mark Udall!" -- a reference to a political commercial that attempts to laugh off attacks from his opponent, Bob Schaffer. As for the posts themselves, there are nineteen that stretch back to last year. Too bad they feature far more web addresses than insights.

Here's his first, from August 2007:

Looking forward to the Colorado State Fair Fiesta Parade, check for updates! 12:19 PM August 11, 2007 from web

Up next: one that tried but failed to fend off attacks from Schaffer and his minions:

Just voted against adjournment, honoring the promise I made to stand up for Colorado. 08:46 AM August 01, 2008 from web

This is a rare example of a message without a link -- an attempt to seem like a regular guy, not a limo-lovin' Boulder liberal:

Riding the RTD light rail to my next debate with Bob Schaffer 12:23 PM August 14, 2008 from mobile web

Finally, this is his most recent Tweet, from Monday, in which he tries to hustle some merchandise:

Getting ready to debate Bob Schaffer on Channel 9. Check out the Udall store! 05:30 PM October 06, 2008 from web

Clearly, new technology doesn't automatically make the messages it transmits interesting.

Look below for Udall's "lock your doors" ad. -- Michael Roberts

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