Marquis Garrison allegedly tried to make baby stop crying by slamming her to the floor

Update: The original version of this post, on view below, noted that Marquis Garrison was arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury after allegedly slamming his baby to the floor in an attempt to stop the child from crying. But those accusations got a considerable upgrade days later, for a tragic reason: The baby died.

At this writing, Garrison faces three counts -- two involving child abuse resulting in death, plus first-degree murder. As of July 17, when he was scheduled to make a court appearance, he was being held without bond.

For more details, read our previous coverage.

Original post, 12:58 p.m. July 11: Regular public-service announcements reinforce the message that people should never shake a baby. But if police are right, Marquis Garrison either missed these spots or ignored their advice in a manner that crossed the line into serious criminality.

Not to mention body slamming.

On June 26, notes a probable cause statement on view below in its entirety, a detective was called to Denver Health Medical Center shortly after a couple arrived with their two-month-old daughter, who was soon determined to be in critical condition.

There, a pediatrician shared the tale told by the parents -- Garrison, thirty, and an unidentified woman. According to them, the child began vomiting about a week previous, and then started seizing a few days later, after rolling off a bed onto some carpet. The pair admitted that they hadn't sought medical help for these symptoms, or for any other reason since the girl was born in April.

Upon learning that her daughter was clinging to life, the woman went to work, leaving the pediatrician to explain to the cop that the explanations offered didn't explain the child's severe brain injury. This conclusion was reinforced soon thereafter, when staffers confirmed a potpourri of other wounds, including broken right and left femurs, a broken left tibia and a broken left shoulder -- damage that would only make sense if that bed from which the child had supposedly fallen was at least three stories tall.

What really happened? In an attempt to find out, the detective called Garrison to police HQ. According to the document, the suspect said the child was crying so persistently on June 25 (the day before she was taken to the hospital) that her mom left the apartment, leaving him in charge. He responded by shaking her, but that didn't do the trick. So he began throwing her on the floor next to him -- after which he apparently picked her up and began shaking her again.

Shockingly enough, the baby began to suffer seizures later that day.

Somehow, the baby managed to survive this abuse; that's why Garrison has been charged with child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury rather than an even more severe felony. Look below to see his booking photo, followed by the probable cause statement.

Marquis Garrison Probable Cause Statement

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