Massage Pro Marcos Duran Accused of Improperly Touching Woman's Genitals

Massage therapist Marcos Duran has been arrested on suspicion of two sex crimes for allegedly going way over the line.

A woman maintains that during a massage, he touched her genitals in so deliberate a way that police in Fort Collins fear there may be additional victims.

Most of the items on Duran's Facebook page are private, beyond an intro that says he's originally from Bloomfield, New Mexico, and studied at San Juan College.

There are also a couple of photos from several years back, including this shot, in which we've obscured the identity of the person with him.

Considerably more information is provided in a now-deleted bio page from the website of Miramont Lifestyle Fitness, the Fort Collins facility where he worked.

Included is a reference to guitar playing that jibes with the photo above.

The bio reads:
Marcos Duran started learning the benefits of massage at a young age by helping to ease his mother’s pain and keep her fibromyalgia symptoms at bay at the age of ten. He has been providing ease of pain and stress massages ever since for family and close friends. This led him to his current career as a Licensed Massage Therapist. He earned his certification in 2015 from IBMC in Fort Collins. Since then he has been working in and out of his home as well as working with PVH Pain Clinic to help educate and spread massage awareness as well as work on some of the clients themselves. As an added bonus to this educational opportunity, Marcos also provides easing chair massages for the Clinic employees.

Neuro Muscular Technique, Trigger Point and Sports Massage are his specialties. However, he enjoys utilizing all “tools” blended together for a customized massage specific for each client. Marcos realizes that every-body is different. Knowing this, he likes to educate his clients for the most complete, beneficial, and quickest results. He knows it takes both client and therapist to accomplish their desired end goals. He gives them advice on adding at home self-care techniques to create optimal results. Whether you have been injured and need help with the pain or are looking to find the apex of your physical capabilities, Marcos is ready to help you.

Marcos has over twenty years of Martial Arts experience and practices daily. He enjoys conditioning his mind as well as his body. When not playing with his kids he thoroughly enjoys playing the guitar and attempting to sing!
In regard to the incident that led to his arrest, Fort Collins Police Services reveals that it took place at Miramont on the evening of April 11.

At that time, Duran is said to have been performing a massage for a woman when he moved from her leg to her genitals in a way that investigators believe wasn't accidental.

The woman reacted by telling Duran to stop, the FCPS account continues, and he did so — after which she got dressed and left.

She subsequently contacted the Fort Collins cops and underwent a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) analysis.

Two weeks later, Duran was busted in relation to unlawful sexual contact and sexual assault, both felonies.

Afterward, Miramont general manager Lindsay Randall released the following statement, shared by Fox31.
Miramont Lifestyle Fitness of Fort Collins has recently learned of the arrest of a former employee. Upon learning of the charge, Miramont took immediate and appropriate corrective action. Miramont has been in business since 1996 and has never before experienced an instance of this type of alleged behavior. We are sensitive to the situation at hand and will support the process in every way possible. At this point, it is in the hands of the legal system.
Anyone who feels they may have been victimized by Duran is encouraged to contact Detective Tessa Jakobsson at 970-221-6575 or [email protected]

Look below to see Duran's booking photo, followed by a Fox31 report.

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