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Matt Arnold: CU Regent candidate has your number -- and your address

The nasty race for CU Board of Regents got nastier when Matt Arnold posted the address and phone number for his opponent online. Arnold was angry that supporters of his rival, Brian Davidson, "were calling his backers and urging them to drop their endorsement," the Denver Post said. "Arnold decided to provide information for his supporters in case they wanted to contact Davidson's entourage."

Both men are Republicans who will face each other in a primary.

Additionally, Arnold, who also runs Clear the Bench, which tries to knock "activist" judges out of office, posted the addresses and phone numbers for three Davidson supporters, including 76-year-old former CU Regent Norwood Robb, who called the police.

Arnold pulled the information off his website after he was contacted by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office; the Robbs feared that their house would be vandalized.

It's not the first time Arnold has been spanked for his campaign tactics or statements. He's also been criticized for lying about having a master's degree from Johns Hopkins University and for implying that an Arapahoe County Republican group had officially endorsed him when it hadn't.

Sounds like Arnold needs to go back to school.

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