Media outlets line up to pummel Anti-Gym's Michael Karolchyk

The January 2008 Message column "No Chubbies? Fat Chance" spotlighted Michael Karolchyk (pictured), owner of the Anti-Gym, a workout joint that used tough hate, as opposed to tough love, to get customers to drop pounds. Sample technique: tossing cupcakes at so-called "chubbies" allegedly not working hard enough to sweat off the flab. In the piece, Karolchyk ripped assorted media organizations, including Channel 4, that he accused of being too wimpy to broadcast his envelope-pushing ads, and confirmed that he staged a bogus protest against himself in a successful effort to generate even more publicity.

Now, however, the Anti-Gym has been closed amid an IRS investigation -- and those media organizations that Karolchyk energentically ridiculed are ready, willing and able to document his fall. For instance, the aforementioned Channel 4 ran a Rick Sallinger-investigated piece about Karolchyk's tax problems on February 2 -- and this morning, the station is airing promos touting a followup that's slated to air at 10 p.m. tonight. The spots imply that Anti-Gym personnel left forms about clients in a place where just about anyone could grab them. They reportedly included financial data like Social Security numbers as well as personal information such as a note that one woman's boyfriend had just left her.

Expect no mercy, Mr. Karolchyk. Looks like Channel 4 is armed with more than cupcakes.

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