Medical marijuana amendments from Chris Romer and others keep coming as bill reaches senate floor

Yesterday, we told you about another batch of eleventh-hour amendments to HB 1284, the medical marijuana regulatory bill, by co-sponsoring Senator Chris Romer, who'd previously suggested banning 21-year olds from dispensaries, among other things.

The bill is slated to reach the Senate floor today, but that doesn't mean the amendments have stopped coming.

Late yesterday afternoon, Romer forwarded five amendments sent to him by Michael Dohr of the state's Office of Legislative Legal Services. They deal with controversial application deadlines and more. Check them out below:

As described by Dohr, "L.149 is the date changes to application process" -- which requires dispensaries to file for licensure and pay a fee by August 1. To read it, click here.

That's followed by L 150, "the optional grow license for the infused licensees," Dohr writes. Click here to read it.

Next? L 151, "the waiver for the homebound patients," according to Dohr. "It is my understanding this amendment may ultimately be carried by someone else." Access it here.

L 152 is "the new hearing after the emergency rules," notes Dohr. "It is my understanding this amendment may ultimately be carried by someone else." Here's the link.

Finally, L 153 "is the residency date amendment with additional clean-up language," Dohr reveals. It can be read by clicking here.

How quickly might this process move? In a Tuesday interview about an attempt by law enforcement to kill the measure entirely, Sensible Colorado's Brian Vicente said, "We may have our bill in its final shape by tomorrow afternoon."

Let the latest stage of the legislative battle begin.

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