Medical marijuana: Dacono mulls dispensary ban

Tiny Dacono is poised to become the next municipality to ban medical marijuana centers after council members met to discuss the issue in a work group Monday evening.

According to the Longmont Times-Call, a majority of the council members, including Mayor Charles Sigman, favored banning the three centers within their borders.

New dispensaries have been prohibited from popping up since a 2010 moratorium. However, that temporary ban ends on July 1. The possibility of new shops opening up once the moratorium is lifted has pushed the matter before council.

In the Times-Call article, Councilman Joe Baker says too much "traffic and riffraff" come along with the dispensaries and he simply wants them gone. The story also quotes Dacono councilwoman Peggy Randolph as saying she doesn't like Dacono being known as "Marijuana Town."

I can assure you, councilwoman, that nobody thinks of Dacono as "Marijuana Town." To be honest, most people outside of the 2.7 square miles of Dacono aren't thinking of Dacono at all.

Mayor Sigman is also quoted as backing the ban, although he would ideally give the centers until the end of the year to move or shut their doors permanently.

Brad Henson, owner of Dacono Meds, believes his business became a target of the ban as soon as he put up a sign. After that, he said, "all hell broke loose."

Henson, who says he has contributed $30,000 to Dacono coffers via licensing fees as well as donating thousands to local causes like the city-sponsored Easter egg hunt, feels he's being treated unfairly and that the city has no grounds to ban his MMC.

"They allowed me to expand only to turn around to ban me. That's really upsetting. There have been no complaints, no crime. In the two years I've been here, the cops have only come by once to ask me to ask patients to not U-turn in front of the store."

Calls to Stigman and members of the Dacono city council were not immediately returned. At this writing, it's unclear when the proposed ban will go before council for a vote.

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