Medical marijuana dispensary ban on Colorado Springs ballot?: Petition application filed

Does Colorado Springs' conservatism stop at the bong? That's the view of some participants in the community's medical marijuana scene thanks to moves by the Springs city council to regulate, not crush, the industry.

Nonetheless, there's a citizen-led move afoot to put a wholesale dispensary ban on the November ballot.

The scoop comes courtesy of the Colorado Springs Independent, which unearthed an initiated ordinance proposal filed earlier this month; see it by clicking here. The signatories are Steven J. Wind, Linda L. Wind and Ann Vaughan DeVere, all of Colorado Springs. The key portion of the document read as follows:

"In accordance with the 'Local Option' provision of Colorado House Bill 10-1284, Section 1, Part 1, 12-43.3-106, shall an ordinance be enacted which prohibits MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES OR CENTERS, OPTIONAL PREMISES CULTIVATION OPERATIONS, AND MEDICAL MARIJUANA-INFUSED PRODUCTS MANUFACTURERS' LICENSES from operating within the city limits of Colorado Springs, Colorado"...

Interview requests have been sent to the Winds via both e-mail and voicemail. When and if they respond, we'll share their thoughts in this space. In addition, Steven Wind recently spoke to the Colorado Springs Gazette, telling the paper that for his daughters, "Marijuana was their entry-way drug, and they died as a result."

The possibility of a ban measure on the Colorado Springs ballot won't come as a total shock to medical marijuana advocates. Earlier this week, Sensible Colorado's Brian Vicente specifically mentioned the Springs as a potential electoral battleground.

If the Winds and DeVere get enough signatures on their petition, it will be.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.