Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division's next available appointment: February 2013

Want a job working in the MMJ industry in Colorado? Well, get comfortable, because it might be a while before you can even start. In yet another sign of the struggles afflicting the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division, the department is now informing potential new employees that there are no appointments available until next year.

Here's a public notice placed on the MMED website:

The MMED will continue to provide occupational licensing at our office located at 455 Sherman Street, Suite 390, Denver, CO 80203. However, due to the high demand, there are no available appointments until well into 2013. With the number of weeks intervening between the setting of an appointment and the actual date of an appointment we are experiencing a large number of missed appointments. Therefore, in an effort to make the best use of our limited resources and increase participation from the applicant population the MMED will no longer be setting appointments until Monday, February 18, 2013.

Employees must have badges and, depending on their level of involvement, submit themselves to background checks before they are legally allowed to work in a medical marijuana facility.

This six-month lag comes on top of the year-plus delay in getting medical marijuana centers licensed. There are even a number of medical marijuana centers up for license renewal, including Choice Organics just outside of Fort Collins. Owner Erica Freeman told us earlier this week that she felt lucky she was the first dispensary in the state to be licensed in September of 2011, before all of the delays began.

At this rate, it wouldn't be surprising if there wasn't an MMED to issues licenses come February.

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William Breathes
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