Medical marijuana event: Josh Stanley, Nancy Spence discuss how to make MMJ work better

Medical marijuana forums frequently pit proponents versus detractors as a way of setting the rhetoric ablaze. But not "Medical Marijuana: Solution or Work in Progress," a City Club of Denver presentation set for 11:45 a.m. today at the Brown Palace Hotel.

The event is peopled by MMJ backers, albeit ones coming from very different perspectives.

"Our mission is to inform, not reform," says Kay Landen, a City Club board member who chairs the organization's program committee. "We offer an eclectic variety of programs that focus on issues of interest or, in some instances, concern for people in Denver in particular and Colorado in general. And with medical marijuana, we read about issues, problems, concerns. Some folks think the system is working well and others don't -- so we thought an informational program would be appropriate."

Panelists include state senator Nancy Spence, who co-sponsored HB 1284 and SB 109, the legislative measures intended to regulate the medical marijuana industry; Josh Stanley, who owns Budding Health and Let It Grow Hydroponics; Dr. Paul Bregman, a former chief of mammography at Denver Health who's now a member of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine; and LeeAnn Weller, a theater professor at the University of Colorado who uses MMJ to treat her multiple sclerosis.

Because all four of these speakers are pro-MMJ, "we won't be engaging in a discussion of whether this is the right thing to do or not," Landen says. "We're going to hear from them how this is working in their opinion and where we need to go from here -- or perhaps we've reached the ultimate conclusion."

Don't bet on that. Lunch featuring Soup du Jour en Croute and Rocky Mountain trout with almond cream or a vegetarian Cobb Salad will be served at the event. Click the link above or contact the City Club of Denver for more information.

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