Medical marijuana festival to feature on-site dispensing -- and Corey Feldman?

The Colorado Medical Marijuana Festival, taking place on Sunday, May 30, at Longmont's Radisson Hotel (click here for details), has several unusual attributes.

For one thing, says event organizer Sean Bookman, the get-together will feature an on-site "medicinal garden" at which five Longmont-area dispensaries will be able to serve MMJ patients with proper identification and documentation.

And there'll also be a handful of special guest stars, including, of all people, '80s icon turned musician Corey Feldman. "He's doing a big concert in Fort Collins that evening," Bookman says. "So he'll be dropping by about 4:20."

Bookman, who runs his own production company, moved to Colorado about five months ago from the East Coast -- one of many entrepreneurs attracted to the state by the booming MMJ industry. "I saw what was happening out here, and I thought I could contribute to it in a positive way," he says.

He adds that he's a medical marijuana patient: "This is something I'm passionate about. I know the value of it because of what it's done for me and my family and friends, and I'm really excited for the community to come together."

In addition to Feldman, the event will feature members of the Kottonmouth Kings, who'll take part in a CD signing and may play a song or two, as well as local acts with a connection to the local cannabis scene, including THC and Qballa. There'll be speakers, too -- among them attorney Rob Corry and Dana K. May, who helped put Corry on the MMJ map. According to this 2004 release, Corry represented May in a lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Administration that ultimately saw the DEA give back gear it had snatched -- an outcome described as "the first time in history that the federal government has returned marijuana growing equipment it had previously seized."

As a bonus, Bookman says, May is "an amazing man -- he used to be a drummer with Joe Cocker and did sessions with Pink Floyd -- and a dynamic speaker."

Although the commercial aspects of medical marijuana will be on display at the fest, Bookman stresses that the event is about more than making money, as indicated by its modest $5 cover price.

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"This is an herb that's been written about in ancient medical books in Egypt and China and mentioned in the Bible," he allows. "Human beings have been gifted by the creator to take care of themselves, and this herb empowers them to do that -- to take care of their health, their mind, their body, their spirit, their emotional levels.

"Anyone with a family working in this day and age knows that stress is the number one killer and the reason for so many diseases. And this is a sacrament, a healing medical herb. I know people use it recreationally, but this isn't about that. It's about coming together in a sacred way as a community to celebrate this gift."

Speaking of sacred, Bookman says, "This hasn't been confirmed yet, but someone told me Coolio might be coming by."

Sounds like a gangsta's paradise.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.