Medical marijuana: Pot possession charges dropped against Ann Marie Miller

We've kept you abreast of developments involving medical marijuana caregiver Ann Marie Miller, who faced a cultivation charge for what she insisted was a legal number of plants -- an offense that was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor too late to help her. More recently, she sued the North Metro Drug Task Force and others over the incident -- and while these complaints went nowhere, she now reports that the marijuana count against her has been dropped.

Why? According to Miller, she sent a huge stack of medical records pertaining to her patient, Randy Garcia, to the 17th Judicial District DA's office. She says his physician determined that Garcia's condition necessitated more than the usual per-patient limit of plants for proper care. Then, this week, she received a letter from chief deputy district attorney Peter Stumpf telling her his office had decided not to move forward with prosecution of her for the alleged offense.

The lawsuits weren't factors, Miller believes. She admits they were "dismissed very quickly." Instead, she credits Stumpf for being "a really fair person."

This development doesn't end Miller's problems with the law. She still faces a misdemeanor theft charge in relation to a beef with the landlord at the apartment building where the marijuana arrest took place, as well as a misdemeanor child-abuse allegation from late last year; she left her weeks-old baby home alone while she went to the emergency room, causing her to lose custody of the child.

Nonetheless, the end of the felony charge makes her feel optimistic about the court challenges still before her. When asked if she thinks she'll be able to make a fresh start soon, she says, "I hope so. Definitely."

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