Medical marijuana PR firm files suit against Greenway University...talk about bad press

Volume Public Relations, parent company of Grow Room Communications, which describes itself as the country's first medical marijuana business development and public relations firm, has filed a lawsuit against medical marijuana vocational school Greenway University. A trial is set for March 5, 2012: That could be some bad press!

When Grow Room was founded last October, Greenway was one of the firm's cornerstone clients. Volume PR is now seeking over $131,000 for unpaid services that Grow Room allegedly did for Greenway.

Charles Houghton, attorney for Greenway, says the school will "vigorously defend the claims and they don't believe they owe anything."

"Our client respects the legal system and therefore we won't comment at this point beyond reiterating what we've already said in our complaint: This lawsuit is about accountability," responds Jessica Corry, special counsel for Hoban & Feola, which is representing Volume PR. "Greenway had nothing but rave reviews for the incredible work of Volume PR. That is, until it came time for Greenway to pay its bill. All we are asking for here is for Greenway to keep its side of the agreement, as Volume PR has clearly done through published results."

Here's the full complaint, filed in February.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.