Meet Rachel Eid, Denver Officer Shot by Burglary Suspect Gunned Down by Cops

"Shots fired. Bleeding everywhere. I'm going to hurt you or kill you."

These are some of the first words spoken by Denver Police Department officer Rachel Eid in a two-part DPD video titled Graveyard Shift, which went online last September. See the segments below.

As you'll see, her words in the clips are eerily prescient given what happened to Eid yesterday.

She was shot in the leg by an alleged burglar who was subsequently killed by other cops following a carjacking in a busy business area.

Eid is expected to survive.

The Graveyard Shift opens with Eid, a veteran cop who earned words of praise from Denver Police Chief Robert White after the incident, saying, "Sometimes when we meet people, it is the worst day of their lives."

Afterward, she talks about the kinds of calls to which she's sent during the wee hours.

But while many of them are clearly dangerous, she stresses her satisfaction with her chosen career.

"You wouldn't even have to pay me to do this job some days," she notes.

Following this comment, Eid is seen behind the wheel of a cruiser with bubble lights flashing as she communicates with dispatch. "Burglary in progress," she says.

That's what happened yesterday, albeit during the daytime hours.

At around 1:25 p.m., according to information shared in a DPD press conference on view below, Eid and another officer responded to a call about a burglary in the area of 37th and Grove.

Shortly thereafter, they encountered a pair of suspects on the 3400 block of Irving Street.

One of the men was quickly taken into custody.

The other managed to get away, fleeing to the area of Moncrieff and Lowell.

There, shots were exchanged between the officers and the man.

There's no word yet about who fired first.

But Eid was hit.

Initial reports said she took a bullet to the foot. That was later amended to the left leg.

As of yesterday, she was listed in fair condition. She's expected to survive.

In the meantime, the suspect carjacked a vehicle and officers gave chase.

The man is said to have lost control of his ride in the vicinity of 35th and Lowell.

At that point, more lead flew between the man and the officers.

The suspect was mortally wounded.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Thus far, neither this suspect nor the man currently behind bars have been identified. An investigation of the shooting is under way.

Look below to see four videos — the Graveyard Shift clips starring Eid, the aforementioned post-shooting press conference and a report from 7News.

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