Meet Randy Hoch, Alleged Repeat Sex Assaulter

According to an arrest affidavit on view below, the investigation into a sexual assault claim against Randall "Randy" Hoch started with a single alleged crime.

But it soon led to another.

The case began this past March, the documents say. A victim told Denver Police Department investigators that she had gone to Fado's Irish bar after leaving a house party — but what happened there was hazy.

One moment she remembered feeling that she needed to go home because she was too drunk; the next she was waking up naked in bed next to a stranger who identified himself as Randy. She believed the two of them had engaged in sex, but the thought of the act so disgusted her that she changed her sheets, then threw the old ones in a dumpster, the report states.

At that point, the sheets were retrieved and a sexual-assault investigation was launched — and thanks to a text message, Hoch was identified as a suspect.

Weeks later, the DPD learned that Hoch had been investigated for a sexual assault in Douglas County back in 2013.

The two incidents turned out to be eerily similar. In the 2013 case, the woman had no memory of time time between when she was drinking at a lower downtown bar, the Cowboy Lounge, and waking up in an unknown DougCo house with Hoch on top of her, engaging in sexual intercourse.

The victim made a report to the DCSO but subsequently declined to cooperate with the investigation. After being contacted this past April, however, she decided to move forward, saying, "He's not going to stop, probably going to do it again, again and again. I just didn't want anyone else to experience that."

All of the crime-lab testing pointed directly to Hoch, who has now been formally charged by the Denver District Attorney's Office with second-degree kidnapping and four counts of sexual assault.

Look below to see Hoch's booking photo, followed by the aforementioned arrest affidavit.

Randall Hoch Arrest Documents

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