Meet ten Mullen grads recruited by major colleges in Dave Logan era

Dave Logan, recently fired as head coach of Mullen High School, is denying that he knew about recruiting violations, and says he would have fired any assistants guilty of such acts.

As noted in our post yesterday, Mullen has long been suspected of recruiting -- but Logan's defenders insist he attracted the best talent due to his name and reputation.

Whatever the case, there's no denying he's been hugely successful at producing players recruited at the major college level. Look below to meet ten notable examples, including a couple of current talents who'll be making the leap to D-1 this fall. Photos and info courtesy of Scout.com and Maxpreps.com.

Cyler Miles Quarterback Class of 2012 Committed to Washington Tyler Henington Defensive lineman Class of 2012 Committed to Colorado Adonis Ameen-Moore Running back Class of 2011 Syracuse Brady Daigh Middle linebacker Class of 2011 Colorado Leilon Willingham Outside linebacker Class of 2011 Central Florida (transferring to Northern Colorado) Conor Healy Linebacker Class of 2011 Air Force Academy Junior Onyeali Defensive end Class of 2010 Arizona State Ryan Hewitt Tight end Class of 2009 Stanford Ben Burney Safety Class of 2005 Colorado Grant Crunkleton Cornerback/wide receiver Class of 2005 Arizona State

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