Meet the MasterMinds: Year 3

By the time we chose our third class of MasterMinds, we were beginning to feel like Ed McMahon. People were catching on to our sneaky fact-checking phone calls in February, wondering if they were about to get a knock on the door and a big check. But somehow, we still managed to come up with surprising new choices for our MasterMinds -- our efforts aided and abetted by two classes of MasterMind alums.

And the third time was truly a charm, with this list of winners: Jimmy Sellars in Visual Arts; Vox Feminista in Literary Arts; the Fabric Lab/Josh and Tran Wills in Fashion/Design; Jessica Robblee in Performing Arts; and Tony Shawcross of Deproduction/Denver Open Media in Multimedia.

Shawcross didn't expect the honor, but he later told us that it came at just the right time -- to meet payroll. Without the MasterMind award, he might have had to lay people off; instead, Denver Open Media has flourished.

Read profiles of our 2007 Mastermind winners, and get details on Saturday's Artopia party here. Check the Latest Word's Art Attack archives for more MasterMind profiles.

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