Michael Bennet burnishes bipartisan image by ripping peers in debt-ceiling debate (VIDEO)

Is Michael Bennet the only Washington politician whose reputation has been enhanced by the debt-ceiling debate?

Bennet was recently at the center of a Fox News love fest -- and this morning, The Early Show's Chris Wragge introduced him as a "common-sense guy" before inviting to tee off on the idiocy of everyone involved when it comes to the ongoing legislative gridlock.

During the conversation, Bennet said, "There's not a mayor in my state, in Colorado, who would threaten their credit rating to make an ideological point, because they know it would make their borrow more expensive -- which is exactly what we're facing here."

He added, "We have severe structural problems in our economy, we have no energy policy in this country, we're not educating our kids for the 21st century, and we can't even get to those topics because we're fooling around with this in a hyper-partisan way."

Wragge lapped up these lines, and so, likely, did most viewers -- and while being a common-sense guy may not help in the current complete-nonsense atmosphere, it's certainly doing wonders for Bennet's national profile.

See the video below.

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