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Reader: It's Now Party-Over-Country Politics

Senator Michael Bennet at a town-hall meeting on November 29.
Senator Michael Bennet at a town-hall meeting on November 29. Kenneth Hamblin III
As impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump unfold, lawmakers are taking sides. Colorado Senator and presidential hopeful Michael Bennet is no exception, arguing that the country is in a "constitutional crisis" on a phone call with reporters last week.

Is the U.S. about to go up in flames? Here's what readers have to say:

Comments Richard:
Everything to the Demoflakes is a crisis. The problem is that their flake followers believe everything that speed out of the holes in their heads; most of them can’t think for themselves. Bennet is NEVER going to get the nomination, he's not even showing in the polls. This way he doesn’t have to be in D.C. to do the job that the flakes elected him to do. He gets to travel the country on the flakes' money that they are throwing at him. They might as well just burn it.
Adds Gregory:
It is now party-over-country politics.
Explains Michael:
Desperately seeking relevance...
Argues Brandon:
As an independent voter who voted for Romney and despises Hillary, I can provide an unbiased opinion that Trump is a freaking disaster. The number of ways he has abused the presidency is so long I couldn’t even fit it in this post. And this isn’t about overturning the election, as best-case scenario is that Pence ends up as president. That scares many liberals more than Trump does.
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