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Michael Hancock's new DIA greeting begs for the sound of a cracking whip -- so we added one!

It's become a rite of passage for Denver mayors to record a welcome greeting for Denver International Airport's underground train. John Hickenlooper started the trend; then came Bill Vidal's bilingual version. Now, Michael Hancock has gotten into the act with his own DIA train greeting -- but his version might risk going off the rails.

Hancock's greeting starts off in safe territory, but quickly takes a turn for the worse when the new mayor says - or rather hollers -- "Welcome to the MILE HIIIGH CITY!" with the twang of a rodeo announcer. Last weekend, the message caught several people riding the trains by surprise, with each of them looking like somebody had just poked them in the ear. All that's missing was a token "Yee-haw!" and the sound of cracking whip -- which we've added below, to give you a better idea of the effect.

Now, we understand Hancock's need to put his own spin on the train greeting, something that's not that easy to do when you only have a handful of basic words with which to get your brand across. But cowboy-speak? Really? Sorry, but most folks don't want to imagine themselves on a dude ranch when they're packed like sardines in an underground train after a four-hour red eye from Newark.

Maybe we're being too hard on Hancock. Maybe he really is just proud of the city and wants visitors to know about it. Still, we just wish somebody had explained to him the importance of using his inside voice.

Click below to whip it -- whip it good.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.