Michael McGinley Busted for Threats in DA "Mr. F*cking Mitch Morrissey's Office"

It's never a good idea for you to make profanity-filled death threats to anyone -- and particularly to the woman who was your spouse for three decades. But even stupider is doing so when the victim is in the district attorney's office making a complaint against you. Because one of the prosecutors might just record what you're saying about his boss, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey.

Or, as Michael McGinley allegedly referred to him: "Mr. fucking Mitch Morrissey."

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The series of documents on view below (they were originally accessed by 7News) include an affidavit from March noting that McGinley's ex-wife had told authorities that McGinley had violated a permanent Jefferson County restraining order by "continually calling and text-messaging her with threatening messages that tell her to leave the state and that he's going to kill her."

McGinley was presumably able to send these hate-o-grams because he was out on bond after being busted in a previous domestic violence incident. His former spouse and her roommate (identified in another report as her boyfriend) had both received abusive voicemails and texts from McGinley, including one warning the woman that if she called the police again, "her time on this world is out."

This filing doesn't appear to have dissuaded McGinley from maintaining his harassment campaign, and neither did the decision by the woman and her boyfriend to move out of their previous residence in order to steer clear of him. Rather, McGinley allegedly broadened his list of targets to include her cousin and a nephew in an effort to track her down. The former said she'd been getting approximately six calls a day from McGinley in which he threatened to kill the woman, her son and her grandchild. One voicemail message even noted that he was "going to pay $30,000 to have the victim killed," a second affidavit states.

Against this backdrop, the woman scheduled a late July meeting at the Denver District Attorney's Office, 201 West Colfax, to discuss the situation. The investigator assigned to the case brought along a digital recorder to capture previous voicemails when the phone rang.

Guess who was on the line.

During the first conversation, the affidavit quotes McGinley as telling the woman she was dead. The woman immediately ended the call, but the investigator managed to record it, as well as those that followed -- seven more, with the accumulated abuse leaving the victim understandably emotional and in tears.

Over the course of the "conversations," McGinley allegedly mentioned that the woman was in "Mr. fucking Mitch Morrissey's office," suggesting that her location wasn't exactly a mystery to him. However, he's said to have yelled during at least two of the calls while slapping her with labels that are listed in the report like so:
Fucking whore Stupid bitch Stupid cunt Dumb cunt Motherfucker
A particularly dry addendum to this roster of abuse reads: "I would note the defendant and victim were married for thirty years and there is no doubt to the victim it was the defendant on the phone."

Within days of this invective, McGinley was charged with a pair of felonies: retaliation against a witness/victim and stalking. He was also fitted with a $50,000 bond that his attorney reportedly asked to be lowered. But no go: At this writing, he remains behind bars.

Where we're guessing his telephone privileges are severely limited.

Look below to see the full-size version of McGinley's booking photo, followed by the assorted arrest reports, charges and affidavits.

Michael McGinley Complaint and Arrest Affidavit

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