Michael Vick Chew Toy, August 6

The font of human intelligence overflows on Al Gore's wet dream, and this is the stuff people are using Google to search today:

Cirque Lodge Lindsay Lohan is headed to this posh Utah detox center to clean herself out for the next paycheck-induced binge. Last month, answered the question that is on everyone's mind: can you get your money back when rehab fails?

Astrologer Sydney Astrologer Sydney Omarr died at at the age of 76 this weekend. Omarr rose to national fame in the '80s when the press took to bashing our Jelly Belly-loving, fall-asleep-meetings-prone, strike-breaking President Reagan for his reliance on astrology. Omarr took the opportunity to go on every talk show he could to extol the virtues of astrology, defending the president's preferred method of policy-making and promoting himself in the process. Some presidents talk to God ...

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 The much-anticipated Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is now in production. At a cost of $1,250,000 (more if the Euro keeps rising against the dollar) and a top speed of 253 miles per hour, this dream machine will take its rightful place in the spank bank between with Elizabeth Shoe and a real-life flight on the Millenium Falcon. Due to the popularity of this site today, it's pretty well shut down at the moment, and thus unavailable for mocking. But the people who are lining up to enter this url into as a search value, instead of going directly to the site, are not.

Yi Li Yao Ming's new wife, with heels, stands eye-to-knee cap with her husband.

-- Sean Cronin

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