Michelle Obama and First Daughters hit the slopes in Aspen: Schuss!

If it's Presidents Day, the First Lady must be in Colorado, skiing. Last year, Michelle Obama took the two First Daughters to Vail over the same weekend -- and our first clue that she had returned to the slopes was a flurry of hits on that piece.

This time, Michelle Obama and her daughters are in Aspen, inspiring many "let them eat cake" comments.

Michelle Obama didn't eat cake when she was here last year; she ordered ribs at Restaurant Kelly Liken -- and got called "fat" by Rush Limbaugh. This time, FoxNews has focused on how the First Lady was barely back from her seventeen-day Hawaii vacation for a month before she took off again.

According to the Aspen Daily News, the Obama family is staying at the home of Jim and Paula Crown, owners of Aspen -- who've had some let-them-eat-cake moments of their own. Last summer, shortly after Michelle Obama appeared at their home to raise funds for her husband's 2012 campaign, former Aspen Skico employee Lee Mulcahy created a piece of public art for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge stop in the mountain town that mocked Jim and Paula Crown -- "they're so insulated, they don't think their doo doo smells," Mulcahy told Jef Otte. Since the Obamas jetted into Aspen, at last they won't be contributing to the inevitable traffic jam later today, marking the end of the holiday weekend. Is Michelle Obama a hunger hypocrite? The order of ribs that Rush Limbaugh estimated clocked in at 1,500 calories actually measured about 600. Read about it here.

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