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Michelle Wilkins, Womb-Cutting Victim, on "Shock Waves" That Shook Community

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Michelle Wilkins, whose baby was cut from her womb in Longmont, allegedly by Dynel Lane, is making it clear that she's determined to embrace life.

In recent posts, including one shared earlier this morning, she expresses her gratitude to first responders and those who've donated their time, energy and resources to her recovery from an incredibly traumatic attack.

Thus far, Wilkins hasn't addressed the decision not to charge Lane with murder, owing to a lack of evidence that a live birth took place.

Instead, she's focusing on Aurora, the child she lost — she recently referred to her as having been transformed into a "light being" — and her ongoing recovery.

On April 1, in her first Facebook post since the tragedy, she shared this photo or her and Longmont police officer Billy Sawyer....

...as well as this message:

I want to thank my heroes again, the first responders, paramedics, and 911 dispatchers. They save lives everyday and I never imagined a day when I would need them too but I can't thank them enough for being there for me. I am also pleased the police department is being honored for the tough job they face everyday. Congratulations!

Also, I want to share that I am recovering and a special visit from one of my heroes is keeping my spirit up too! Thanks, Billy Sawyer. 

Then, earlier this morning, she put a new message on the GoFundMe page that's generated more than $112,000 toward her medical care at this writing.

The message specifically addresses an event staged by True West Productions as a benefit for her. A post on the TWP Facebook page notes that $1,647 was raised at the weekend event.

The new message reads:

Dear supporters and well-wishers,

I want to give another round of appreciation to people still sending me their positivity, caring, and contributions, each in their own way. I want to tell people that I have read every single card sent in the mail, every note on the go fund me page, and give thanks to every name I see contributing monetary funds to my recovery. Without your prayers and well wishes lifting me up, I don't know where I'd be. Words can't express my thanks though I will still try.

A special thank you also to True West Productions who rallied the Longmont community and spent their time and energy organizing an event on my behalf. I am constantly in awe of the generosity of spirit of this community. Had I not been resting and recovering, I would love to have been able to attend barrel racing and gymkhana. Sounds like a great time, being a rider myself!

I saw your willingness to give of your time and energy to pull this event together, and, in doing so, it is an opportunity to heal because it is all of us suffering, and all of us healing from tragedies that have sent shock waves through the community. My heart is full of gratitude that words can never convey. Thank you.

To visit the GoFundMe page, click here.

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