Mike Ditka latest NFL expert to wonder if Jay Cutler is all that

Last week, former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy caused a stir in NFL circles when he questioned the maturity level of QB Jay Cutler, who the Broncos shipped to the Chicago Bears to end one of the most ridiculous off-season dramas ever. Now, another Hall of Fame coach, Mike Ditka, is seconding that emotion. In a Chicago Tribune article, Iron Mike says, "I don't think anything about what Tony said is earth-shattering. I think it's a fact. [Cutler] came here under uncertain circumstances. The way he got out of Denver was kind of strange. But the kid is a talent." He adds that while Cutler has been a model citizen thus far, he needs to be aware of pitfalls that could mar his Chicago honeymoon: "The worst thing that you could ever do in this city is come in here and be a complainer or a whiner. If you do that, you have a problem." In this view, "You'll find out a lot when the pressure's on. We'll find out once the season starts, when things are either going good or not so good, you find out how people respond to that."

Of course, a potential Cutler meltdown won't make the Broncos any better -- and right now, predictions that they'll go 6-10 feel optimistic. But you know that old saying about how misery loves company? It does.

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