Mike Shanahan scoopage courtesy of Adam Schefter, reporter (and Shanny's former business partner)

Former Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post sportswriter Adam Schefter has gone onto bigger and better things, first on the NFL Network and now with ESPN, where his role on football broadcasts would only be more prominent if his name was Chris Berman.

But because of his close connections to Denver, Schefter remains the national figure most likely to get scoopage on Colorado figures -- like, for example, Mike Shanahan. Today, for instance, the Washington Post's information about Shanny's agent, Sandy Montag, traveling to D.C. to negotiate a contract for the Redskins' head coaching position comes from Schefter's Twitter feed.

Of course, Schefter has an advantage over other reporters when it comes to Shanahan. After all, he wrote a book with him.

That tome, Think Like a Champion, stirred a journalism-ethics controversy back in the late '90s, since Schefter continued to report on the Broncos for the Post during the period when he helped Shanahan pen it -- just as he did when co-writing another book with star running back Terrell Davis. But in a 1999 Message column on the subject, Schefter, a former classmate of mine at Northwestern University, was unapologetic. "I challenge anyone to show me a single incident when I have not been objective," Schefter said.

Schefter's sports editor at the Rocky, Barry Forbis, made it clear that he wouldn't have been allowed to engage in such extracurricular activities while on the Broncos beat at that paper -- and a website devoted to needling former Post editor Dennis Britton published a photo of Schefter as a cheerleader. But his overseer at the Post, Neal Scarbrough, defended him.

As for Schefter, he argued that the process of writing the books with Shanahan and Davis made him a more effective reporter. "I don't make any secret of the fact that my relationships with Terrell and Mike have been enhanced because I worked with them," he allowed. "It's part of my job to build positive relationships and maintain them."

Judging by his revelations about Shanahan and the 'Skins, it seems clear Schefter's done that in Shanahan's case.

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