Mike Shanahan's house: You may be able to buy it soon -- if you happen to own a bank or two

Update, 1:40 p.m. June 8, 2012: A new Broncos QB is said to be living in Shanahan's spread. Learn more in our post "Peyton Manning reportedly staying in Mike Shanahan's old Cherry Hills Village house."

Original post: reports that new Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan met with assistant coaches yesterday before returning to Denver, "likely to begin the moving process." Which, in his case, will be a task on par with unbuilding a pyramid given the size and scope of his mammoth pad.

As seen from above on the Virtual Globetrotting website, Shanny's Cherry Hills Village mansion looks as large as a miniature city. And that's only because it is.

Back in 2008, when the house was still in the building-permit stage, the Denver Post reported that it would boast nearly 35,000 square feet of space and include "a bowling alley and lounge, a poker room, a video-golf room, a racquetball court and a shuffleboard table... And that's just in the basement, where there also will be four bedrooms." Also on the blueprint: "Six fireplaces; a 3,600-square-foot, six-car garage; a 2,150-square-foot guest house; a "wine residence" and guest house; a swimming pool; and two bridges."

A year later, the house was nearly complete -- and Shanahan was out of a job, having been fired by Pat Bowlen, owner of the Broncos as well as his next-door-neighbor. But that didn't stop writer Mary Winter from piling on. She declared in a Rocky Mountain News piece that the home's vastness was positively "immoral."

So was losing the last three games of the season to miss the playoffs, but that's another story -- one that Josh McDaniels would repeat this year.

At this point, there's no telling if Shanahan plans to put the palace up for sale or not. He may not, given the ill health of the current real estate market. But if you'd like to call it home, here's betting that he'd entertain an offer -- as long as it has a lot of zeroes in it.

Morality be damned! Anybody know the combination at Fort Knox?

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