Mile High Murder, No. 41: Barbara Irish identified as dead woman in East 40th Avenue shooting

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Yesterday, we told you about

the early morning shooting of a woman in a parking lot on East 40th Avenue

. Just in: A release from the Denver Coroner's Office slightly amending the address where the crime took place, from 2535 E. 40th to 2530, an area captured in the graphic above (if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map"), and identifying the victim as "Mr. Barbara Irish." Pretty sure the "Mr." part is unintentional, considering that she's subsequently described as a 53-year-old woman. See the rest of the info below:

The Denver Office of the Medical Examiner was contacted by the Denver Police Department and requested to respond to the parking lot of 2530 E. 40th Ave., Denver, Colorado on September 28, 2009. Mr. Barbara Irish (53 years old, white female) of Denver had been found dead. An autopsy was completed and the cause of death is listed as Complications of penetrating gunshot wound to the head. Manner of death is Homicide. The approximate time of the injury is 3:40 A.M., September 28, 2009.

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